Catch of Swarms Service

If you experience a swarm let me know where it settles. I'm happy to come and catch it.



Bees produce beeswax to build their honeycombs. The raw material they use is nectar. When there is a nectar flow, a sea of white honeycomb waves will be formed overnight. The transformation from short-lived to long-lived has taken place. I let my bees build their own combs, then I will collect their wax and melt it. This results in small wax blocks that are hard like stone. Each block of wax has a different color and a fine scent. The wax can be used to make ointments, creams, beeswax cloths.



I offer a variety of courses. Through you can book one-day courses, where together we visit the bee colonies on the roof and then spin honey with the hand extractor. Afterwards you will receive 1 jar of honey as a gift. (Costs approx. 50 - 75 Euro per participant)

I offer hikes that explain the biodiversity of the area surrounding the hives. We visit the beehives on the roof and afterwards we walk a path which is in the flight circle of the bees. I will explain the urban nature that can be found. (Costs approx. 25 Euro per participant)

Wandering Encounters - a workshop format with Rosario Talevi. We will read text excerpts on the different phases of the bee year. Meeting place is either at the apiary or in the workroom. For the work on the bees we read texts e.g. about the planetary turn. (Costs approx. 50 - 75 Euro per participant)